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Free download mp3 rock music Album We Are Battle Robots – All Hands On Deck (EP)
  • We Are Battle Robots – All Hands On Deck (EP) Add: Guest В 00:00 (24.08.2010) in category .

    Artist(Band): We Are Battle Robots
    Album name:  All Hands On Deck (EP)
    Release Year: 2010
    Genre: Electronic, Post-Hardcore, Screamo
    Country : USA
    Track List :

    01. And As The Legend Was Told
    02. There Isn’t Any Glory
    03. An Eye For An Eye Makes The Whole World Blind
    04. The Place We Once Called Home
    05. A Wolf In A House Of Hens
    06. All Too Well

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    FILE SIZE : (27.73 Mb)
    Genre: Electro | Add:: Merlin | Tags: Screamo, Post-Hardcore, Electronic, We Are Battle Robots Reads: 32676 | Downloads: 96 | Comments: 95 | Rating: 0.0/0
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